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Brighter Day Services ADS/VocHab Program: Enhancing Lives through Community Engagement

At Brighter Day Services, we believe in fostering stronger connections, building vibrant communities, and achieving better outcomes with individuals seeking personal growth and meaningful experiences. Our ADS/VocHab program is specifically designed to empower individuals, improve their self-esteem, and expand their network of natural supports in a public setting. We are dedicated to creating opportunities that lead to personal development, social integration, and the cultivation of lifelong friendships.

Opportunities for Growth

1. Weekly Community Outings:

We organize regular community outings that provide participants with the chance to explore their surroundings, engage in recreational activities, and connect with their local community. These outings are carefully curated to ensure a diverse range of experiences, catering to the varied interests and preferences of our participants.

2. Paid Work Opportunities:

Through our ADS/VocHab program, individuals have the opportunity to engage in paid work for up to 2 hours per day, earning $10.10 per hour. This not only provides a sense of financial independence but also instills a strong work ethic and a sense of accomplishment. Participants can take part in various work tasks, including community restoration projects, shredding services, building sanitization, grounds maintenance, horticulture, and more.

3. Entertainment and Enrichment:

Whether it's technology, books, group games or sensory activities, we believe in the power of play and recreation to foster social connections and bring joy to individuals' lives. Our gaming and entertainment rooms provide a space for participants to engage in interactive gaming, entertainment activities, and friendly competitions, promoting social interaction and leisure enjoyment.

Our Approach

At Brighter Day Services, we embrace a person-centered approach, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs, preferences, and abilities of each individual. Our highly trained staff members work closely with participants, providing individualized support, encouragement, and guidance throughout their journey.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that values diversity, promotes personal growth, and celebrates the achievements of each participant. Our dedicated team ensures that individuals in our ADS/VocHab program receive the necessary resources, encouragement, and opportunities to thrive.

Join us at Brighter Day Services and embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, social integration, and a brighter future. Together, let's build more friendships, foster a stronger community, and achieve better outcomes.

For more information about our ADS/VocHab program or to enroll, please call our office at 330.949.6899 or contact our friendly team at We look forward to supporting you on your path to personal growth and community engagement.

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